Sunday, Aug. 18, 2019

Life-Counts® for Health Care Preparedness for Staff Management

A secure web-based emergency management data-base service for Health Care facilities to enable management to quickly and easily distribute crisis, emergency, and/or contingency plans to staff members at multiple locations. Each site can then custom design the general plan with site particulars. Test staff to be certain they understand your plan with On-Line Testing specifically with your test questions and answers with 100% accountability. The Safety Administrator can set goals and deadline dates for managers at each of your location to meet and then monitor the sites for performance levels. Other Features: Event Scheduling for multiple Groups, Life/Safety Inventory data base, Emergency Supplies Data Base, Edit and "Instant Upload" Plans and PDFs and easily design Emergency Response Teams in every building location, User Feedback and Auto Test Evaluation spots weaknesses in plans so improvements may be made. Communicate to specific user groups such as; those who have been tested or who have not, who has passed, failed, who is certified in ICS100, NIMS, FIRE, CPR or those who need special assistance during evacuations. Special access portals for local emergency services or security. Add custom video to show staff members how your fire alarm pull boxes work and what the alarm sounds like. Everyone is literally on one page 24/7. Life-Counts® can reduce; Risk, Insurance Premiums, Training Time and Printing Costs.


The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) enhances the ability of hospitals and health care systems to prepare for and respond to bioterrorism and other public health emergencies. Current program priority areas include interoperable communication systems…personnel management…fatality management planning and hospital evacuation planning. During the past five years HPP funds have improved …training, education, drills and exercises

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