Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020

Rick Rescorla
May 27, 1939 - Sept 11, 2001

I never had the opportunity to meet Rick Rescorla, but I know if I had, we would have talked for hours about our ideas to educate building occupants in preparation for emergencies!

After the 1993 WTC bombing, both Rick & I knew this would happen again. While Rick pleaded his case to the NYC Port Authority and Morgan Stanley for security & safety changes and more training, I wrote to the then-mayor of Pittsburgh and warned him that another attack would happen again and it could happen here in Pittsburgh. I informed the mayor that Pittsburgh did not even have a mandatory fire drill ordinance for high-rise buildings, city or county buildings!  I also wrote to the New York City Port Authority and offered my experience in emergency preparedness to better assistant them in producing a custom safety video for building occupants. The Port Authority assured me that they had everything in control, thanked me for my offer while my warning to Pittsburgh fell on deaf ears.

Then came September 11, 2001.  The day that Rick made the ultimate sacrifice so others might live. He heroically guided thousands of fellow employees out of harm’s way before losing his life when the South Tower collapsed. 

Later that year, a Mayor’s conference was held in Washington D.C. This meeting prompted Pittsburgh and other cities to adopt an All Hazard Plan that requires high rise buildings to write and submit a comprehensive all hazards plan and to conduct mandatory annual fire drills. It was unfortunate that such a tragedy had to occur to awaken many.

I would like to honor Rick Rescorla for his belief and determination to educate and train building occupants in emergency preparedness. This world needs more caring individuals with foresight for emergency readiness like Rick.  We hope our readers will take a moment to click on the Rick web site and learn more about Rick and the lives he touched and those he saved through his diligent and tireless efforts. 

We hope our readers will explore everything that is available in the effort to educate, train and ready themselves for the unexpected.  God Bless Rick Rescorla.

Steve Burchesky, President

US Life Safety, Inc.


For more information about Rick and the Chase-Rescorla Scholarship Fund


Note: Permission for the use of Rick’s photo and this reference TRIBUTE to Rick was graciously granted to US Life Safety, Inc. by his wife, Susan Rescorla.

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